What can you do now?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for employers and employees alike. Many businesses are currently in a cash-flow crisis and/or are employing crisis management processes in order to survive. As a business manager/owner it can be an extremely difficult time. 
So what next?

Faced with cash-flow and business survival challenges businesses need to take action:

Cash Flow

Appropriately manage cash-flow to ensure survival


Understand the government support package and implement


Work with your business stakeholders to further understand the likely on-going impacts.
E.g. Employee engagement and retention, suppliers of critical services etc.

For general information regarding government support and information visit 

Business Victoria – Business Support 
and Financial Assistance
Australian Taxation Office
COVID 19 support

What you can do  
to protect the future

The coronavirus offers all businesses a unique opportunity to learn about business exposure when faced with uncontrollable external risks. The learnings from recent experience provide a sound basis for reviewing your business response and risk management system.  

The actions you take now are unlikely to absolutely protect you against a pandemic in the future, but they may protect you from other unforeseen events.

If your business needs help in either “what can you do now?” or “What can you do to protect the future?” call or contact INBIZ Consulting via our contact form for more information and support.

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